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Comrade Hat - pop, folk, psych, lounge, prog, other, Music Band Profile

Comrade Hat Profile


Comrade Hat is multifaceted musician Neil Burns. With a background in Classical composition and jazz piano, he remains active in both fields. As Comrade Hat, however, he pursues his song-writing muse in a variety of often surprising ways. A prolific artist whose work spans jazzy acoustics and atmospheric electronic pop, his singular vision has earned him a growing reputation for quietly ambitious music.

He first came to the attention of many with the EP “The Winter Takes it All”, in January 2015. Its icy, synth-based experimental pop, in part inspired by a residency he undertook in the Banff Centre, Canada in 2014, won acclaim from many quarters, with significant airplay on national radio: An Taobh Tuathail (RTE RnaG), Electric Mainline (BBC Radio Foyle) and RTE 2XM. The single “One of Them” made the most recent An Taobh Tuathail compilation, ATT7, received praise online, and was selected by James Hendicott (Golden Plec) to represent Ireland in the global Music Alliance Pact for May 2015. It also earned him nominations by PureM magazine for “Best EP” and “Best Act” and the opportunity to play at Dublin's Hard Working Class Heroes showcase festival in October and at the First Music Contact Music Trail at the Dublin New Year’s Festival. He finished off the year with the release of “Winter Songs 2009-2015”, a compilation of songs from his five Winter-themed EPs. He plans to release new material in the Spring of 2016. He just played at Canadian Music Week in May 2016—one of only a handful selected from Ireland.

...(One of Them) blew me away immediately and has been on repeated listen ever since
– Stephen McCauley, Electric Mainline (BBC Radio Foyle)

ethereal and inviting
– notesandvibes.com

It’s a song that’s best suited for repeat listens, as you discovered something new hidden within the song’s intricacies every single time.
– metaphoricalboat.blogspot.co.uk

“...features beautifully layered synths and 90’s era chillout synth lounge sounds, peppered with sparkly Rhodes-esque pianos... and magnificent chord sequences that just teleport you to another dimension.
– PureMzine.com

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