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Tuath Band Profile

Tuath -  Music Band Profile


Tuath was formed in 2014 by Robert Mulhern who had been making music of all shapes and sizes for a long time, Robert learned all the instruments required to record and release his own music but got sick and fucking tired of not being able to find a viable singer, all prior projects failed to work for this reason.

One day Robert approached David Boland of New Pope/co-founder of Citog collective/record label/gig putter onner/Good thing to give him a gig even though all he had for the as-of-yet unnamed project was one half song that he had been writing and no band members. One day a man named Mark Mc Cormack gave Robert the job of handing out fliers for his highly succesfull drum n bass night “Puzzle” in Galway and as Robert had no members for his band, he set out to find a drummer by way of handing out fliers to every single bearded man in galway city (cause at the time not just any dickhead could have a beard) and asking if they were drummers.

Lo and behold on the spanish arch found he a bearded man drinking a couple of bav’s by the name of Declan Huban, all that was needed now was a a bassist and singer and they were golden but the date neared closer, Dave Cigs was found for bass and one week before the gig at an open mic, a blindingly handsome man named Ashley Mobasser arrived clad in sax. At this stage Robert decided that he would sing and just kept the ball going even though it was the most terrifying experience in the world.

3 years in and Rob can only just about hold a note but thanks to innovations in reverb technology, nobody fucking cares. The idea of singing as gaeilge was in response to the fact that nobody seemed to understand the potential of Irish as a modern tongue steeped in culture, this lead them to being lumped in with bands they didn’t sound like from the irish language scene and of course their shoegaze leanings lumping them in with the broader shoegazing scene, two things that pissed Robert off but benefitted from highly.

Influences: Limp bizkit, Limp bizkit, Limp bizkit, Limp bizkit, Limp bizkit.
Sounds like: Limp bizkit, Slipknot.

The lineup is currently: Rob, Ashley Mobasser, Kev Monaghan, Shane McFadden, Aengus Friel Lawrence

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