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The Stain - poem by Peter O'Neill

For Wilkys Weinhardt, after Augusto Dos Anjos

Insane synthesis of aural pyrotechnics and putrid content needed;
Yet sadly, and strangely, lacking here... Rather, sweetened, all
Too sweetened scent of mild corruption caused by cow dung—
Though a bucolic aroma, mind. No maggot infested carcass, rich
With the fat, thumb shape of pupae rotting in the midday sun,
The bloated Havana’s to be found above Lough Corrib, filled
Like puss injected éclairs, all ghoulishly swimming about
In the liquid, fetid matter, which, for Christ sake, don’t step in!
There, that oozing mass of Dijon, whose caustic odour tears
At your very lungs, infecting them with their all consuming
Squalor, causing the scarab to dance, the centipede to multiply
In many legged, convulsive, and undulating shapes.
There now, a rich and poisonous metaphor for the last 20 or so years,
One to cause a stain like an excruciating and painfully delivered stool.

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