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Dumpster RabbittZ part two - Fiction Serial by Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder

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Chapter Two

Rob Wash removed a joint from between his thick brown lips as he ran one calloused hand through his graying nappy hair watching those two fellas, John Friend and the local DJ cat, Randy Bliss, push open the front door to The Bateman. It wasn’t often that Rob lit the weed inside but tonight his arthritis was acting up something furious. He was going to need a toke or three off that strong weed to finish mopping the lobby floor. He watched the two white dudes waiting at the elevator, took two puffs off the joint and then replaced it in the brim of his beat-up old Fedora. Following this, Rob lifted the mop from the bucket, dropping it into the ringer. Squishing out the excess water he dropped the mop head onto the black and white checkered lobby tiles, feeling the pain in his joints go mad on him.

“Hey,” Randy said when he saw Rob mopping.

Rob grunted. He didn’t care much for the guy’s bright colored sweaters and white boy afro. Maybe it was a built-in hatred...


Larva from the Flames - Short Story by Kenneth Nolan

The beginning of April and a hint of good weather had begun to appear. Springtime has arrived I thought to myself and a lightening of the mood struck me. According to all predictions a beautiful summer lay ahead. I felt my energy levels rise as day after day of glorious sunshine passed. All one needed at this time was a long prayed for gift from the Gods to set the ball rolling for the shiny weeks to come.

I answered a heavy knock at the front door early one morning to be greeted by a man in a horrible brown uniform holding a large white container. I tried to contain my excitement as I realized there was only one delivery I was possibly expecting from U.P.S. As I noticed the South American stamp on the waybill, my soul leapt with excitement. My Bolivian Red Maggots had arrived! I called The Nailbar and gave him instructions to come over immediately.

“You’re fucking joking!” he said, as I gave him the information for the fifth time.

“You’ve got the Bolivian Reds?”

“Yes now get yourself over here and we’ll take a look.”

I felt an overwhelming excitement as I opened the container, there they were fifty Bolivian Reds looking as evil and ruthless as a gang of Finglas teenagers. I already had the cocoons of the other most revered Maggot in the world, The Vietnamese Steamer Maggot, Asia’s finest...


Rendezvous - Short Story by David King

When I woke up, she was looking at me.

“Let’s do it again,” she said.

And we did.

When I woke up, she was looking at me.

The blades of the fan above us turned slowly in the humid air.

“I want you,” she said, soft and husky.

And I rolled toward her.

When I woke up, she was looking at me, eyes melting in the hot orange light.

“Let’s do it again,” she said.

And we did.

I tried to remember how we got here, to this room with its slow turning fan, deep shadows, and hot orange light...


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