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Celebrus Enigmatica - poem by Kofi Fosu Forson


Love letters, beguiling Apocrypha, mad days as your tenant.
In that housed hut we begged. Our bodies gymnastically coiled.
Feet on my chest, arms in the air, walking all over me as if fire
Were elemental. That this skinned structure, rib-caged, six-abbed,
Hairless, phallus figmentus could promote misery. Pleasure gained
Was subtraction of heat from cold, therein making flesh symbolic.


Casing of petals for my love. Not disease gathering blood leaves
Split from branches, our life hereafter. Dead as thieves pulled.
Phantasmagoria. Incorrigible at once, what was the heart attack
Found fortune in a beat, gigging of sound from pipes within walls
As we put into place broken limbs. Fell on separate beds, a room
Overlooking soldiers flags in hand, marching bears to hibernation.


The walk on – time when electric sounds permeated the cool.
Fanged faces having at the slit. Hot mouth, blue bulimic burning.
Is this desire? We are farming, burying hoes in sand. Up dig dirt.
Set these seeds within the cavity. Flowers thickening prefab sprout.
With tongue, greed. Isolation. Less couture, more sensationalism.
Love culture. Lead lust. Irrigation system, water from the heavens
Falls flush over wetness of your hair bush. Concentration. Kiss off!


Dominant pill, excessive flagellation. Wind tortures our mind to wake.
Celebrus enigmatica – This land carpeted feet, beauty birthed as book.
Luxuriousness, Gotha. Germaneness, Schopenhauer on your tongue.
Fallen leaves rustling. Perverted neighbors eavesdrop unapologetically.
Sexual discourse. The literally challenged run in a panic having heard
The word “Prosthesis”. Love incandescent. The Letter “O” upside down

Kofi Fosu Forson has written and directed plays for the Riant Theater. His collaborations include Gender, Space, Art and Architecture, a video project, Liverpool, England and Dismember the Night, thread poetry and photography project, Tribes Gallery, NYC. As writer and poet he has published with Three Rooms Press and Great Weather for Media, Maintenant 10, Anti Heroin Chic, Full of Crow Press, Flapperhouse.

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