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Tuath: Youth - E.P. Preview

The nightmare jazz—a psychedelic wink from cosmic grandfather fading in the vortex—deep-fried good ol’ Rock and RRrroll—vocals like Ian Curtis crooning through a black hole from some alternative universe where he never kicked the chair—ambience so soft and soothing it would curl up beside you and spoon you to sleep, only to shake you violently awake seconds later, gibbering through grinding amphetamine jaws about a past of lies and a future that could never actually exist... Just what the fuck does it all mean?

Why, it means Tuath have returned of course, with their latest traipse through the static electric madness of Tuath-ville population: zero plus infinity. It means Psychedelic Trip hop/Rock/Electronic/Ambient/Everything band Tuath have returned, with their new EP “Youth”—a somber hallucinatory exploration of the lies told to childhood and the harsh realities of growing up into a broken world, where those same lies are scrawled on the filthy coke-snot sleeves of every huckster, gangster and priest looking to empty your wallet and jerk off on your shirt, not necessarily in that order. Only a demented psychedelic genre-bash-up crew like Tuath could pull off such a concept so powerfully, in such an ephemeral space, and by-golly they do it oh so well...

The entire EP is a real trip, recommended for your immediate attention with an unabashed full three thumbs up from this brave reporter—and it will be available later today (Saturday the Third of March, 2018) online and with a live launch tonight in the Roisin Dubh, Galway City, at 9 pm—so one way or another you go get your hands on it. You hear me? You go get your hands on it...

But for now, we invite you to join us for a sneak peak of the video for track “I’m sorry young man”—a brilliantly trippy and strangely Victorian-feeling visual journey from the mind of talented multihyphenate David Boland (of New Pope fame and various other interesting projects). Close the curtains, dim the lights and play it on the biggest screen available to you. It’s drugs for the eyes, my friend, drugs for the eyes.

Tuath, will be launching their much anticipated 4th EP “Youth” on the 3rd March online and with a physical launch, upstairs in the Roisin Dubh, Galway, also on Saturday the 3rd March 2018 at 9 pm, with special guests “Any Anything” (The artists formally known as Drown) and a special performance from Galway/Donegal psych folk legend “New Pope”.

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