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New Pope North Donegal Video Launch by Robert Mulhern

To “sonder” is to walk past a stranger in the street, catch a glimpse of the emotion in their eyes and realize that they probably have similar difficulties in their lives, similar dreams, hopes and goals. In our humanity we are bound by two things: our basic nature and the ashes of which we will become. This song is so personal that it feels like upon listening that you are being invited into the psyche of “New Pope” for the most detailed, personal “Sonder” you could possibly imagine.

The trustworthy repetitive folk guitars and very tamed percussion come very much in peace.

The dual vocal harmonies and lovely sparse, reverby guitars keep the affair interesting, beautiful and harmonious without getting too out of control.

The video is comprised of, from what I can discern, cut-up wedding videos from Donegal mixed in with that RTE-commissioned Donegal version of “Vanishing Point” that never managed to see the light of day.

For you to not sit with this for its entire duration would and should be classed as a crime against Irish art. 10/10 from this man.

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