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This Day You Will Be With Me in Paradise - Short Story by Jim Meirose

Oh yeah. Hey this is the big day Rat.

You nervous?

Yes I am.

Well, this time tomorrow it will be over—truly I tell you—and we can go out and get—this day you will be with me in paradise—sloshed to the gills.

Paradise? What you mean, paradise?

Huh? I didn’t say that. Why you saying I said that—this very day yup, this very one—I didn’t say paradise—yah I said this day you will be with me—your phone must be shot Mouse drop it in water lately—in paradise.

Rat don’t fuck with me. This day of all days don’t.

Fuck with you what? How am I fucking with you—verily I say unto you, this day—

Don’t say it Rat.

Don’t say what—you will be with me in—what, man—paradise. You gone nutty from the stress Mouse. Methinks you need a dose of—in paradise—paradise or something man.

Rat that’s it. I am in no mood. I am—

The phone on the junk mail had vibrated one cycle too many as it had rung and rung while he argued with himself this way and it fell hit the floor and the junk mail came down on top and the phone stopped ringing all gone to nothing under several inches of envelopes—Publisher’s Clearing House brightly red white and blue and blue white and red, reminded him once more, this day you will be with me in paradise where is she now where where where is she now. I think yes indeed I shall pig out on Oreos. I need something in my belly it’s gone woozy in here. Need a sugar sugar yah sugar sugar I need oh yah yah. Sugar. This place is too high to jump from so we won’t. The yellow package came down on the counter it pulled his hand back opening and one two three cookies fatly shoved in his pig-slot. Piggy pig slot, yah pack it good, said waterbound Aunt Ann when he was just ten and all the adults laughed so paradise. Mouse never would go see her again paradise. Paradise paradise it was to not go there. If you aren’t told it is any more then it’s gone is paradise. Plus, the number of angels guarding Hell according to the Qur’an is nineteen. Chew. Preparation. This variation incorporates the rhythmic model of variation thirteen with variations one and two. So get over it. Cookie chew swallow. Pray perhaps that the test will go well not. Pray perhaps that the test will go well not and then you will be with me in Paradise. That helped the poor guy up next to God through. Neither of them wanted to go up that hill but they knew they must. The day had come. And also has come. No more the day will come. It’s all one big slow motion shock wave progression begun as all shock waves with some big fat bang. Hut—things too close get vaporized. Hut—things too far get nothing. Things just right bounce to the next place. Where is the next place Rat—hey Rat—you still on the phone—my lord no. Where is the phone. On the street way down where the big twin bangs blew it. But it was tough. After while the glass case displayed it in a sterile corporate space as a decoration nobody gives a shit about because they’re all caught up in the shorts of how they’ll snake down over everybody at the big corporate much too heavily air-conditioned mid-August meeting. You flunk out of college. This the fat bachelor of science in ultra-advanced full-blast hornpiping highly theoretical math that’ll be blown at me by the next big bang. Life. Nothing. Big bang and excitement. Nothing. Next—next big bang and excitement. Nineteen foreigners died in that Fall. Fire house bell ringing hey hot fire get up hey hot fire suit up now rushing in where everybody else is rushing out of is not what it’s cracked up to be. So what that they get called heroes—rush in where everybody else is rushing out of today at four. Up against it tight squeezes out—why do you need this Mouse? Is there a reason for this Mouse? What is the reason for this Mouse? Clearly you hate this so what’s the reason Mouse? When in doubt refuse. Escape if a reason to not do this is found Mouse. The word no. What’s the reason for all this Mouse? I refuse. Think harder Mouse. The word no. Just four hours left Mouse. These words are interchangeable. Four Mouse. The word interchangeable. Is this your Gethsemane sans the big rock eh Mouse? The word interchangeable. Performed by Kimiko Douglass-Ishizakaon, piano. These words are also interchangeable. Isn’t that that hot piano stud’s stage name, eh Mouse? If so tell him immediately that the phrase Fools rush in where angels fear to tread was first used by Mondoman Burkonia-Smythe in his old-fashioned error-ridden unedited unpublishable and unreadable work, Rippling Reflections in a Big Wide but Very Shallow Pond on the Revolution in France on This Single Particular Long Long Maxi-Big-Fat-Absolutely-Last-Superscary-Day.

Bio: Jim Meirose’s short work has appeared in numerous venues. He has published several novels as well, including the upcoming “Understanding Franklin Thompson” (JEF pubs ’18) and “Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer” (Optional Books ’18). Info: www.jimmeirose.com

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