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The Breakup - Short Story by J.M. Triangle

In July, Elizabeth packed a red suitcase with all the requirements for a weekend away, shut the door on her apartment and walked to the outside of the building. A woman carrying a bouquet of lilies passed her on the steps. Richard loved lilies, he told her that when they first met at the beginning of spring. Almost everything had been wonderful since then.

What a delight it had been when he told her he was bringing her away on a romantic weekend. Elizabeth had batted her eyelashes and told him how wonderful it would be to take a holiday.

She did not tell him that work had been such a drat—that the manager had begun to look at her in the same mistrustful way that the old manager had done—before he went missing...


The Working Man: Lizard Fingers Video Premiere

The Working Man—without a doubt one of the most unique, boisterous and simply balls-out entertaining rock outfits to come out of the UK in recent years—returns with yet another demented video escapade, available exclusively today this 19th of October 2017, and following the election-themed “Look at this Tory Cunt” earlier this year.

Both heavy and melodious, with a suitably deranged keyboard lead that sounds like something that might have been first worked out on the sanitarium “therapy” xylophone—before edging seamlessly into a more old-school heavy metal guitar rendition—“Lizard Fingers” is a delightfully in-your-face...


Outsider Art Gallery

Patience - Watercolour, pencil and Ink - by Charlie McGlynn

   “Patience” – Charlie McGlynn        View More...


A Day in Daniel's Life - Flash Fiction by Aurora Coppola

It was one of those days, I think everyone has one of those at one stage, don’t they?

I just don’t want to go to school today—we have P.E. anyway—he thought in his brain.

Andrew, seventeen just going eighteen had his hormones playing tricks on him.

His mother went to too many teacher’s meetings to keep her hopes up so she just told him that he would have gone straight to work if he didn’t pass. Typical!

Andrew has dark blond curly hair just like his dad, but he prefers to have it cut nice and tight...


The Land of the Rising Pun: Dispatches from Japan by Shamuske Cassamura

Fireworks festivals, earthquakes, early morning missile warning wake-up calls, all-you-can-drink bars, crap Irish bars, excellent Goth bars, a Reggae bar that is more like a house party back home, the never-ending awkward bow competition and don’t forget a month of making sure my desk is warmed to the most perfect temperature while I eagerly await the start of the new school term. I’ve lost weight, joined a flash mob, been busted by hotel security in a restroom (you can fill in the gaps), made a whole new network of friends in a short amount of time, visited ancient shrines, taken an escalator up a mountain, had a coffee made for me by a vending machine with a TV on it displaying precisely what’s going on inside as it goes to work and I’ve even returned to the world of public...


Scum Gentry TV

   “Crayons” – Spudgun       View More...


Benny Profane - Serial fiction - Notes of a Professional Voyeur IV at the Scum Gentry...

It might surprise you to find out that the parameters of my terrestrial existence stretch further than the dimensions of my projectionist’s booth.

Although I consider my cinephilic den as my true spiritual home, it is incumbent upon me to every now and then venture out into that grand and grumbling hubbub of activity, the playground and battlefield of all our basic human compulsions known commonly as “The World”.

I precipitate these excursions with a stiffening intake of breath, combined with the adoption of a firm, resolute posture, as I endeavour to overcome my agoraphobic inclinations and feed this atavistic and counter-intuitive hunger...


World War III: The Permanent War by Zack Breslin

If you followed the news last week, you may have come across three stories that reveal the state of war and peace in the world today. The first was Donald Trump’s announcement that he would now seek to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan, having previously indicated he favoured complete withdrawal. The second was that the recent terrorist attackers in Spain had been planning an attack much larger in scale than the one actually carried out. The third news story appears somewhat unrelated to the first two; the Russian military’s plan to conduct large-scale military exercises in Eastern Europe.

Each of these stories reveals something about the political/military situation that the world finds itself in and are worth highlighting to illuminate the world of war we live in and the catastrophic war we may be heading towards...


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Scum Gentry Poetry Hole
After the Revolution - poem by Kevin Higgins

for and entirely inspired by Quincy Lehr

We will pay homeless people to follow
poet and critic Matthias Wetruder. And not just
into drug-stores, dry-cleaners, and taxi-cabs
(though there too) but also into Japanese restaurants
where said homeless person will sit
next table vociferously demanding,
as will be his or her right,
tomato ketchup with their sushi;

into seminars at first NYU,
then the University of Houston, on Uselessness
in The Work of Matthias Wetruder
where they’ll angrily ask questions about Matthias
that Matthias can’t answer; around

branches of Barnes & Noble wearing
a coat with a fungal infection
(and no belt) reciting from the latest
translation into Albanian of Sophocles;

into performances of Vespers for a New Dark Age
at the New York Metropolitan Opera
where they’ll sit behind Matthias making it clear,
by their very body odour,
they know what he’s up to;

around award ceremonies where
Matthias Wetruder is due to present an award
to Matthias Wetruder; and most of all into

men’s rooms where they’ll loiter
in the neighbouring cubicle
loudly eating the yoghurt
we’ll pay people like them to eat
in men’s rooms after the revolution.


Kevin Higgins’s Song of Songs 2:0 - New and Selected Poems will be published by Salmon Poetry in April. His poems have been quoted in The Daily Telegraph, The Times (UK), The Independent, and The Daily Mirror. The Stinging Fly magazine recently described Kevin as “likely the most read living poet in Ireland.”

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Worm Strike Space Invaders Game link
Scum Gentry Poetry Hole
The Ghost of Frida Kahlo - poem by Des Mannay

Did you see her
at the conference?
She throttled
Theresa May

Being worn,
an appendage
on that clammy wrist,
was an affront to
Frida’s bisexuality,
blood red Communism.

Poltergeist Frida
ripped words off walls
the way she tore
through life;
with eyes like fire.

‘Diego Rivera Reloaded’,
painted a new mural
with a p45 on,
and a laughing Frida Kahlo.
Who the hell
needs Banksy anyway?

Des Mannay is the winner of the ‘rethinkyourmind’ poetry competition (2015). Placed 2nd and highly commended in the Disability Arts Cymru poetry Competition (2015). ‘Gold Award’ winner in the Creative Futures Literary Awards (2015), shortlisted for the erbacce-prize for poetry (2015, and 2016), Welsh Poetry Competition (2015), The John Tripp and Idris Davies poetry competition; part of Rhymney Valley Literature and Arts Festival 2016, and the Disability Arts Cymru poetry Competition (2016)

Des has performed at numerous venues, including the ‘Unity’ Festival, ‘Maindee’ Festival, ‘Hub’ Festival, ‘Stoke Newington Literature Festival’, KAYA Festival of World Music & Arts, Merthyr Rising, The Seed Festival and Walls:Muriau—Welsh mental health arts festival. He helped organize a refugee solidarity fundraiser - performing alongside ‘Attila the Stockbroker’ as part of the ‘Arguments Yard’ tour. He is also instrumental in setting up ‘Poets On The Picket Line—South Wales Chapter’; delivering solidarity stanzas to people on strike.

He has poems published in ‘I Am Not A Silent Poet’ online journal, ‘The Angry Manifesto’, ‘Proletarian Poetry’, ‘Yellow Chair Review’, ‘Indiana Voice Journal’, ‘Stand Up And Spit’, ‘Red Poets’ and work in a number of poetry anthologies. Des is on Facebook as “The stuff wot I wrote’ Des Mannay – hooligan Poet” and Twitter as @hooliganpoet

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