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The Goddess of Pill and Plug - poem by Harley Claes

She wore metal draped upon her visage with a bullet born personality and a pocket full of religion. We worshipped her sin and posted dutifully as saints. As we were given by god our daily pay, for our loyalty. We paraded ourselves on the sexual horizon, and got so high on the divine we reeked eternally of celestial vomit. In the castle of god we ate macaroons with cannabutter and bathed in murky rosewater to cleanse our self of the day’s dealings. Kicking craving after craving till it expired on the tongue in the form of a tab. We preached fuck the feds like testimonial and got on our knees for a handful of capsules. Knowing nothing of the other than the holy mother Mary Jane and the devil China White pickin’ blossoms of blood. She snickers, ‘Welcome to the Junkie Manor, and have fun finding your way out.’

Harley Claes is a poet and novelist from Detroit, Michigan. The first publication by Harley Claes is a Poetry and Short Story anthology titled ‘Pity the Poetics.’ You can find some of her other work in Terse Journal and Anti-Heroin Chic. Her alternate ego, Lourdes Vega, has no birthplace. She was borne of the dirt and grime that is derived from experimenting with a little thing called trauma. They share no similarities. 

Twitter: @sunkissedgodles
Tumblr: @harley-claes
Instagram: @babybodhiisattva
Website: https://www.harleyclaes.com/

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