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The Ghost of Frida Kahlo - poem by Des Mannay

Did you see her
at the conference?
She throttled
Theresa May

Being worn,
an appendage
on that clammy wrist,
was an affront to
Frida’s bisexuality,
blood red Communism.

Poltergeist Frida
ripped words off walls
the way she tore
through life;
with eyes like fire.

‘Diego Rivera Reloaded’,
painted a new mural
with a p45 on,
and a laughing Frida Kahlo.
Who the hell
needs Banksy anyway?

Des Mannay is the winner of the ‘rethinkyourmind’ poetry competition (2015). Placed 2nd and highly commended in the Disability Arts Cymru poetry Competition (2015). ‘Gold Award’ winner in the Creative Futures Literary Awards (2015), shortlisted for the erbacce-prize for poetry (2015, and 2016), Welsh Poetry Competition (2015), The John Tripp and Idris Davies poetry competition; part of Rhymney Valley Literature and Arts Festival 2016, and the Disability Arts Cymru poetry Competition (2016)

Des has performed at numerous venues, including the ‘Unity’ Festival, ‘Maindee’ Festival, ‘Hub’ Festival, ‘Stoke Newington Literature Festival’, KAYA Festival of World Music & Arts, Merthyr Rising, The Seed Festival and Walls:Muriau—Welsh mental health arts festival. He helped organize a refugee solidarity fundraiser - performing alongside ‘Attila the Stockbroker’ as part of the ‘Arguments Yard’ tour. He is also instrumental in setting up ‘Poets On The Picket Line—South Wales Chapter’; delivering solidarity stanzas to people on strike.

He has poems published in ‘I Am Not A Silent Poet’ online journal, ‘The Angry Manifesto’, ‘Proletarian Poetry’, ‘Yellow Chair Review’, ‘Indiana Voice Journal’, ‘Stand Up And Spit’, ‘Red Poets’ and work in a number of poetry anthologies. Des is on Facebook as “The stuff wot I wrote’ Des Mannay – hooligan Poet” and Twitter as @hooliganpoet

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