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The Scum Gentry Alternative Arts and Media.
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The Scum Gentry Alternative Arts & Media is an online publishing and promotional network devoted to the darker and more Dionysian aspects of the creative calling, be it through writing, poetry, visual art, music or film. Our contributors share a certain appetite for the macabre and the surreal, a willingness to explore the shadow aspects of human existence through their creative endeavours, often with a wicked sense of humour and a less-than-veiled slice of outsiders’ wisdom.
For our visitors who share such tastes, the website is a veritable haunted mansion of intriguing and illuminating creative delights, divided into four main hubs to be navigated by candle-light, depending on the thirst of the hour...


The Scum Gentry Main is the central hub of the website. Here you’ll find sections devoted to poetry, fiction, art-works and even indie games specially designed for the Scum Gentry aesthetic. Also in this section is the Scum Gentry online store.


The Scum Gentry Journal is the seminal non-fiction portion of the website. Outsider news and commentary pieces go toe to toe with gallows’ humour satire and the latest in alternative culture reviews.


Scum Gentry Radio offers an introduction to an arena of independent bands and producers exploring the outer-reaches of their craft. You can check out individual band profiles and listen to a selection of songs manually or hit play on one of the SG Radio podcasts & playlists and sit back to let the music come directly to you.


Scum Gentry TV is the video and film hub–the movie room of the mansion–and here you’ll find a selection of animated and live-action gems to engage with, as well as one or two Scum Gentry exclusive productions. Dim the lights and dig out the popcorn from under the couch cushions–there’ll be plenty here to keep you amused.

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