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Le son De - Short Story by Jim Meirose

Doctor Sax sat waiting for Stannie with four and a half minutes to go. Idly he sat watching the fast ping-pong game his apprehension regarding this lesson had conjured to distract him. Identical faceless players volleyed the ball super-intensely so that it could not be seen even as a blur, but only as nothing at all. The super-speedy ping-pong paddles driving this phenomenon necessarily vanished from view as well and in moments the players themselves realized they had been playing so well that the point had been reached where the game had been played so perfectly that it had reached a level of perfection beyond the maximum a ping-pong game could ever be, so; since they had played the game completely out of existence, they dropped their arms, stepped away, and, there being no further reason for a ping-pong table...


Ad hominem, esquire: by Joseph Kaminski

Ad hominem, esquire:

Professional unprofessionalism in today’s methods of online interaction and the sociopolitical echo chamber of social media

With social media usage at an all-time high, the opinionative nature of mankind is now broadcasted across the world at the mere click of a button. Nowadays, just about anyone with access to technology can be heard by the entire world. People go ‘viral’ thanks in part to a hive-mind-styled, systematic internet. If something is mildly interesting, funny, or informative it has the potential to be blown out of proportion...


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The Room of the Sadistic Chimeras - Digital Collage - by Vesperalia

The Room of the Sadistic Chimeras - Digital Collage - by Vesperalia

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Dumpster RabbittZ part two - Fiction Serial by Bryan Higby and Ricky D. Snyder

Read Part One Here

Chapter Two

Rob Wash removed a joint from between his thick brown lips as he ran one calloused hand through his graying nappy hair watching those two fellas, John Friend and the local DJ cat, Randy Bliss, push open the front door to The Bateman. It wasn’t often that Rob lit the weed inside but tonight his arthritis was acting up something furious. He was going to need a toke or three off that strong weed to finish mopping the lobby floor. He watched the two white dudes waiting at the elevator, took two puffs...


Confessions of a Reluctant Anarchist by Michael Andoscia

I have to admit to a certain squeamishness when asked about my political affiliations. Part of this is due to the fact that my political beliefs are, at least as far as I am concerned, complicated. Another variable is that I’ve never been a joiner. Group dynamics have always made me uncomfortable because, very often, the consciousness that develops within the group conflicts with my individual consciousness to which I always defer. I also don’t like to be pigeonholed. I don’t want assumptions to be made about what I believe and what I support by virtue of my group assignation. I like to make up my own mind based on the available evidence.

“So, you ARE an anarchist!” one of my students exclaimed.

He was telling me that there was a rumour...


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   “Given That Nasty is An Egg”                    – Rubber Cripple
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Larva from the Flames - Short Story by Kenneth Nolan

The beginning of April and a hint of good weather had begun to appear. Springtime has arrived I thought to myself and a lightening of the mood struck me. According to all predictions a beautiful summer lay ahead. I felt my energy levels rise as day after day of glorious sunshine passed. All one needed at this time was a long prayed for gift from the Gods to set the ball rolling for the shiny weeks to come.

I answered a heavy knock at the front door early one morning to be greeted by a man in a horrible brown uniform holding a large white container. I tried to contain my excitement as I realized there was only one delivery I was possibly expecting from U.P.S. As I noticed the South American stamp on the waybill, my soul leapt with excitement. My Bolivian Red Maggots had arrived! I called The Nailbar and gave him instructions...


The Negation of Nihilism by John Latham

“Capitalist production begets, with the inexorability of a process of nature, its own negation. It is the negation of the negation.” – Karl Marx cited by Engels, F. Anti-Dühring (1877)

The nineteenth century was an age of glorious optimism in the industrial nations. Liberals, anarchists and socialists thought that the future was a wonderful prospect. The Paris Commune had illuminated the imagination of rebels. Charles Darwin had liberated many people from superstition. Technology had developed fast. Grand ideologies like Marxism seemed to have coherence and the welfare state gained momentum in Germany. English hegemony over Ireland was on the wane. The patriarchy was also being questioned. But the twentieth century showed...


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Half-Dressed - poem by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Half-dressed, walking in traffic
and talking to herself. She danced
and sang as the authorities arrived.
She was close to being roadkill.

Sitting half-naked in the squad car
she gestures with her hands and
fingers as if shooting a small gun.
She screams out with pleasure.

“Bang, bang, I shoot you.”
She was a little drunk.
Smiling to herself, she
exposed one breast.

She kissed the squad car window.
She laughed out loud to herself.
She was a little high.
She was in a lot of trouble.

She had only one shoe on her feet.
Her left barefoot was bruised.
She called the authorities pigs.
Her eyes filled with tears.

Her half-naked body was covered
with a blanket. She was trembling
in the back of the squad car.
She asked, “Where are we going?”

She said she would not listen to
what they had to say. She formed
a kiss with her lips and then she
started to laugh. “Bang, bang”

Half-dressed, she could not recall
how she got so indiscreet.
So out of reality, she was taken
to the psych ward and held there.


Luis was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, He lives in Southern California and works in the mental health field in Los Angeles CA. His first book of poetry, Raw Materials, was published by Pygmy Forest Press. His other poetry books and chapbooks have been published by Alternating Current Press, Deadbeat Press, Kendra Steiner Editions, New Polish Beat, Poet's Democracy, and Ten Pages Press (e-poetry book).

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Scum Gentry Poetry Hole
The Goddess of Pill and Plug - poem by Harley Claes

She wore metal draped upon her visage with a bullet born personality and a pocket full of religion. We worshipped her sin and posted dutifully as saints. As we were given by god our daily pay, for our loyalty. We paraded ourselves on the sexual horizon, and got so high on the divine we reeked eternally of celestial vomit. In the castle of god we ate macaroons with cannabutter and bathed in murky rosewater to cleanse our self of the day’s dealings. Kicking craving after craving till it expired on the tongue in the form of a tab. We preached fuck the feds like testimonial and got on our knees for a handful of capsules. Knowing nothing of the other than the holy mother Mary Jane and the devil China White pickin’ blossoms of blood. She snickers, ‘Welcome to the Junkie Manor, and have fun finding your way out.’

Harley Claes is a poet and novelist from Detroit, Michigan. The first publication by Harley Claes is a Poetry and Short Story anthology titled ‘Pity the Poetics.’ You can find some of her other work in Terse Journal and Anti-Heroin Chic. Her alternate ego, Lourdes Vega, has no birthplace. She was borne of the dirt and grime that is derived from experimenting with a little thing called trauma. They share no similarities. 

Twitter: @sunkissedgodles
Tumblr: @harley-claes
Instagram: @babybodhiisattva
Website: https://www.harleyclaes.com/

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